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   With Granite Shield sealant applied to your countertops, you no longer have to worry about staining. Host a party – let your guests put their wine glasses on the countertops - and don’t worry about a thing!  After Surface Smart has treated your countertops with Granite Shield, spilled wine will stay on the surface, and can be easily wiped off without staining. 

   Cook a lot?  No need to be concerned with the mess getting onto your countertops. Let Granite Shield protect your cooking surface from oil and grease, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.  Cook to your heart’s content and know that cleanup will be a cinch as spills clean up easier after being treated with Granite Shield.

   Worried about Hygiene?  Imagine the juices from raw chicken on your countertops today.  How comfortable are you with the fact that those bacteria ridden fluids are seeping into the pores in your countertop?  With Granite Shield sealant, there is no need to worry about this, as the specially formulated polymers fill in those pores and keep fluids on the surface of the stone to be wiped off easily.


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Did you know that Surface Smart can treat almost any surface?  Consider having your toilets treated so that they remain streak and stain free forever.  Each flush cleans everything spotlessly.  No more messing around with abrasive chemicals and that nasty brush!

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When you have your kitchen treated at regular price - now add additional spaces at a tremendous discount!
One additional bathroom - 25% off the first room

Two additional bathrooms - 35% off the second room
Three additional bathrooms - 50% off the third room