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A copy of the full warranty is available at our location, or at time of quote upon request.

   Tired of cleaning off your countertops and resealing them with over the counter products several times a year?  Well then put down the gloves and the cloth!  With Granite Shield, your days of re-treatment and re-sealing are over.  After our five step process, you’ll never have to have your countertops sealed again.  Let us do the work once so you never have to do it again.

   Still buying expensive stone cleaners to clean your counters?  After your stone has been treated with Granite Shield, clean up is easy!  Use a regular kitchen sponge with water and dish soap and most anything will wipe right off.  Because of the way Granite Shield bonds with the stone, you can even use cleaners like bleach or ammonia to clean your countertops without having to worry anymore.

   Surface Smart is proud to use Granite Shield sealant for all of our projects.  Granite Shield is the only product on the market with a lifetime warranty as well as less than a 1% failure rate.  Surface Smart uses Granite Shield’s patented product and five-step process to bring countertops to their full potential and seal them against all kinds of stains.  Granite Shield also reduces etching of natural stone countertops by up to 80%

   Surface Smart provides service for a myriad of common household surfaces.  We can restore and protect granite, marble, and quartz countertops, flooring, stainless steel, sinks, shower glass, and other materials as well.  This treatment is effective both indoors and out, year round, in any conditions.

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Did you know that Surface Smart can treat almost any surface?  Consider having your toilets treated so that they remain streak and stain free forever.  Each flush cleans everything spotlessly.  No more messing around with abrasive chemicals and that nasty brush!

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When you have your kitchen treated at regular price - now add additional spaces at a tremendous discount!
One additional bathroom - 25% off the first room

Two additional bathrooms - 35% off the second room
Three additional bathrooms - 50% off the third room