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A copy of the full warranty is available at our location, or at time of quote upon request.


Q: Why do you use only Granite Shield as a sealant as opposed to the others on the market?

A:  After doing a considerable amount of research and seeing the results of many sealants, we made the determination that Granite Shield was hands down the best product on the market for sealing stone and other surfaces - and the only with a transferable lifetime warranty to back up that claim.


Q: Is this process safe? 

A: The process is very safe.  Using an abundance of caution, we ask that our clients not be in the immediate space that we are treating, and we do use gloves and a mask during application.  But after application is completed, the countertops can be used immediately without any worries.


Q: Why shouldn’t I do this myself?

A: While technically it is possible to “DIY” it, the lifetime warranty will only apply if the products are applied by licensed Granite Shield applicators.  Put our experience to work for you, so it is done right the first time – every time.


Q: Will Granite Shield change the way my countertops look?

A: Granite Shield is formulated to enhance the luster of polished stone and bring out the shine of your granite to its fullest.  It will not change the appearance of honed or leathered surfaces however.


Q: How long does it take to complete the sealing process?

A: It will take a Surface Smart technician approximately one to two hours to complete the five step process depending on the size of your kitchen/bath/floors.  And as soon as it is completed, you can immediately use your surface.


Q: What about pitting and fissures?

A: When a Surface Smart technician applies granite shield to pits and fissures, it will noticeably decrease their appearance, but not fill them in.  Additionally, it will warranty against etching in granite* and reduce etching in marble and travertine by up to 80%. 


*Certain granites (Blue Bahia and Black Absolute) cannot be covered against etching due to their specific mineral composition.

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