Thursday, 20 September 2018

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A copy of the full warranty is available at our location, or at time of quote upon request.

Are you a fabricator interested in using Granite Shield products for your clients?  Not only is Granite Shield a superior sealant, but you can now offer a lifetime warranty against staining on your stone, and reap the benefits of being a Surface Smart preferred fabricator.

Benefits Include:


*Competitive advantage of a lifetime warranty


*Increased revenue


*Lower costs


*Cooperative Advertising


*Flexibility and Convenience – We can come to your shop or to your customer.


There are several available programs through Surface Smart to become a preferred fabricator.  Please complete the form below and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss which option may be best for you and your clients.

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Did you know that Surface Smart can treat almost any surface?  Consider having your toilets treated so that they remain streak and stain free forever.  Each flush cleans everything spotlessly.  No more messing around with abrasive chemicals and that nasty brush!

Limited Time.

When you have your kitchen treated at regular price - now add additional spaces at a tremendous discount!
One additional bathroom - 25% off the first room

Two additional bathrooms - 35% off the second room
Three additional bathrooms - 50% off the third room