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Today's informed consumers demand environmental safety as well as maximum effectiveness from services and products marketing themselves as "premium". Your Surface SMART application meets and exceeds that  "premium grade"criteria.
Your Surface SMART Certified Applicator/Technician (CAT)  uses a minimal amount of product yet achieves maximum results. When properly applied, a standard kitchen counter top takes less than 3 ounces of product regardless of the granite being new or previously installed. The Surface SMART process usually takes less than 2 hours and treated areas are  ready for use IMMEDIATELY after application. There is no prolonged curing time and clients don't need to be out of the home during the treatment. The Surface SMART process cleans and lifts dirt and contaminates out of the pores of treated materials and polishes surfaces to a cleaner, smoother, shinier low maintenance luster; especially granite counter tops. The process then locks out further dirt and contaminates, making it easy to maintain a beautiful, shimmering finish on granite countertops and rinse-away cleanliness on other treated surfaces.
Granite darkened by oils, water, and other liquids is a red flag for sanitation. Penetration from germs and bacteria is inevitable if these other contaminates can make their way into the pores of your granite. The oils from your body can destroy most sealers. If you read the paper in the same place every morning with your bare forearm resting on the counter, you may leave a dark spot from the natural oils in your skin deteriorating the granites seal. Not so with the Surface SMART treatment. Surface SMART means less cleaning with potentially toxic chemicals and fewer plastic bottles being discarded and ending up in landfills.
For treated granite surfaces, Surface SMART  means a LIFETIME of low maintenance. Cleaning is as simple as biodegradable soap and water. Safe, less frequent cleaning greatly decreases the introduction of caustic chemical cleaners into your home and the environment. However, granite sealed using the Surface SMART process may still be cleaned with Windex and/or Clorox Wipes on a micro-fiber towel if desired. It is a common practice in restaurants and food preparation institutions to wipe surfaces on a regular basis with bleach and water mixtures to comply with sanitization laws and policies. The Surface SMART sealing process makes stainless steel food prep surfaces easier to sanitize and maintain.
But wait, "wasn't a sealer applied by my fabricator when my granite was installed ?"....It may very well have been sealed with one of the many sealers currently available. HOWEVER, Surface SMART offers the ONLY granite sealing treatment that comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against stains and granite etching. Some sealers have to be re-applied as often as every 6 months to a year. Surface SMART's sealing process is the first and LAST time your granite will need to be sealed. This means you won't be introducing chemicals into your home with repetitious sealing, won't be paying for that service if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, and won't have to spend time and effort using myriad products to maintain your granite countertop. Less frequent use of chemicals helps protect our environment. BTW, Surface SMART operates out of a Green Office Environment. Glass, metal, styrofoam, and paper products are ALL recycled in accordance with our philosophy of responsible environmental stewardship.
With Surface SMART treatment on you home kitchen granite counter top, you never have to worry about wiping up spills immediately as you do with other pre-sealed counter tops. Making family and guests use coasters for all their beverages and place mats for eating off the counter isn't fun for them or you. Surface SMART  puts an end to your  role as "counter top cop". Entertaining and social events become the pleasant, interactive experiences they are meant to be rather than trying to enjoy yourself while always keeping an eye on your countertops. Constantly monitoring your guests and having to immediately run to your countertop's  rescue when a food or drink spill occurs truly distracts from an enjoyable gathering......NO MORE !!!!
......and a "granite savvy" guest rushing to clean up a spill is a perfect opportunity for you to promote the benefits of our Surface SMART treatment and reap the rewards of our Client Referral Program. Remember, Surface SMART doesn't get repeat clients since our treatment lasts a lifetime. We offer incentives to those who refer clients. The best way to say "thank you" is by referring our service, and we greatly appreciate your endorsement.

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Did you know that Surface Smart can treat almost any surface?  Consider having your toilets treated so that they remain streak and stain free forever.  Each flush cleans everything spotlessly.  No more messing around with abrasive chemicals and that nasty brush!

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